Top 10 Cream Filling Machine Models for Efficient Production

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Cream filling machines are essential for efficiently filling containers with cream, frosting, or other viscous products. With numerous models available, finding the right one for your production needs can be a challenge. This article presents a comprehensive overview of the top 10 cream filling machine models for efficient production, providing detailed descriptions and highlighting their key features and benefits.

Factores a considerar

Selecting the right cream filling machine involves considering several factors:

– Production Capacity: Determine the volume of cream you need to fill and the desired production speed.

– Container Types: Ensure the machine can accommodate the sizes and shapes of your containers.

– Fill Accuracy: Consider the precision required for your application and the machine’s ability to dispense consistent amounts of cream.

– Sanitary Requirements: Choose a machine that meets or exceeds industry hygiene standards to maintain product quality.

– Automation Level: Consider the level of automation desired, from semi-automatic to fully automated models.

Top 10 Cream Filling Machine Models

1. Buhler Fillmatic SCX Fill Weigher

– Key Features: High-precision weighing technology, adjustable fill volumes, hygienic design.

– Benefits: Accurate and reliable filling, easy to operate and clean, suitable for various container shapes.

2. Bosch SIG Combibloc CFA 612

– Key Features: Aseptic filling, high-speed operation, long shelf life extension.

– Benefits: Maintains product sterility, maximizes efficiency, ideal for beverage and dairy applications.

3.tna intelli-flav C2

– Key Features: Inline and rotary designs, fast changeovers, reduced waste.

– Benefits: Versatile and flexible, minimizes downtime, improves product consistency.

4. ProMach Edlon UVF Gravity Filler

– Key Features: Gravity-based filling, gentle product handling, minimal product loss.

– Benefits: Delivers consistent fill levels, suitable for delicate products, easy to maintain.

5.JBT FT-100 Portion Control Filler

– Key Features: Sanitary design, touch screen interface, volumetric filling.

– Benefits: Precise portions, user-friendly operation, efficient cleaning and maintenance.

6. Alfa Laval Tetra Pak SH 16

– Key Features: High-pressure filling, extended shelf life, sustainability.

– Benefits: Protects product quality, reduces environmental impact, ideal for liquid products.

7. Rommelag F-Series Rotary Piston Fillers

– Key Features: Rotary piston design, high filling accuracy, gentle product transfer.

– Benefits: Ensures consistent fill weights, suitable for viscous products, minimizes product damage.

8. Simon Verity SV700 Volumetric Piston Filler

– Key Features: Volumetric piston filling, quick changeover, wide product range.

– Benefits: Accurate and versatile, handles different viscosities, reduces production downtime.

9. Ilapak Delta C

– Key Features: Continuous rotary filling, customized configurations, unique dosing system.

– Benefits: High-speed filling, tailor-made solutions, innovative dosing technology for precision.

10. Omori F-100A Semi-Automatic Piston Filler

– Key Features: Semi-automatic operation, simple design, compact size.

– Benefits: Cost-effective solution, suitable for small-scale production, easy to use and maintain.


Selecting the right cream filling machine model is crucial for optimizing production efficiency. The top 10 models presented in this article offer a diverse range of features and benefits to meet various production requirements. By carefully considering the factors outlined above and evaluating the specific needs of your application, you can make an informed decision that will enhance your production capabilities and ensure consistent, high-quality results.

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